Mobile Website & App Proposal


Penelope and the Beauty Bar is a spa located in downtown Seattle. Although the spa has a website, it was not designed with a mobile version. The purpose of this project was to fulfill the need for a mobile website that carried the content and uses of the main site in an organized and functional design.

An app was also designed for spa members and regular clients streamline the process of booking routine appointments.


The mobile website will condense the opening menu into the 3 main reasons a user would visit the spa website: to browse available services, book an appointment, or shop for products. Most of the content from the main site will be available on the mobile website, but will be organized into these sections for simplicity. The main menu will have drop down menus for each section.

The mobile app will serve spa members and regular clients by recalling preferred services and providers and allowing the user to book appointments through the app. Users may choose to receive notifications for upcoming appointments or special deal offers.

Mobile Website

Mobile App